Tiger Lily


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This paranormal mystery book follows Lily Mossberg, an anthropology lecturer at a rural New England university. Lily can turn herself into a tiger due to a genetic mutation, a “psi plague,” of which shape-shifting is a rare and virtually unstudied variant. Lily is facing a difficult situation where she must confront her ex-husband, the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. He is determined to profit from the new psi “diseases.” He also wants custody of their normal nine-year-old daughter.

The government has a public health mandate to eliminate the mutations. Lily must keep her secret and save herself and her daughter from these competing interests even as the realization grows that there may be a sinister collaboration between them. Then there are the murders, which do not have an entirely human signature.

An investigator from the federal Psi Special Unit is called in. Lily finds herself both investigating and investigated, determined not to fall in love again but drawn to the detective who is supposed to investigate the murders. The tension peaks at his secret pharmaceutical facility, where lives are at stake, including Lily’s and her daughter’s.



“Tiger Lily” is a brave book that handles abstract concepts and ideas such as shape shifting with grace and beauty and weaves them into a story line that is tight and well-paced and grounded with skill. The pace of the book is perfect and kept me engaged without even one lapse.
– FarClan45

 This was one of those books you hate to put down. Three pages into the next chapter you remember that you were going to stop at the beginning of the chapter.
– Janet

Tiger Lily by Noel-Anne Brennan creates a believable paranormal world involving deadly tiger attacks and a heroine who fights tooth and nail to end the horror before it can destroy her family. The author brings to her writing an impressive understanding of people and emotions, big cat behavior, tiger mythology in Hmong and other minority cultures, detective work, aviation and stormy East Coast weather.
– Elle Thornton


Meow cat poems

Meow Cat Poems

This is poetry inspired by cats, magical, rich, poignant, and funny. Anyone who loves cats will love this little book.

A Changed World 

It is after the Change, a drastic alteration of climate and environment brought about by global warming and chemical buildup in the environment. Sage has lived in the mountains and plains of North America all her life. She grew up in a poor village family, and would have been given as a concubine to the sons of a wealthy family when she turned fourteen. Rather than accept this fate, she ran away, and lived a hard a life on the plains until she was accepted by an all woman Wander Band. When her apprentice is stolen she is drawn into a journey that takes her across a changed world. In the process she saves a village girl, partners with a mountain lion and meets Thomas, a man from the eastern coast who has far too many secrets. Together this odd group must brave dangers to right some terrible wrongs and to save the world from a threat it does not realize exists.

a changed world

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